Advanced Practice Nursing in Latvia

Latvian Nurses Association


The role of Advanced Practice Nursing in Latvia is not currently observed to be in development. Most recently Latvia has prioritized standardization of their registered nursing curriculum, identifying that by the end of 2022 to have registered nurses trained at the bachelor’s level (WHO, 2020). Traditionally the health system has allowed for various nursing specialties, but did not have a general nurse role. The initiative ratified by the Latvian Parliament has undergone the establishment of a generalize nursing qualification, and then allow nurses to specialize further afterward (WHO, 2020).

Since the nation has yet to formally establish their nursing fundamental curriculum and qualifications, the advancement of the nursing role toward a master’s degree level and provision of an expounded scope of practice is not yet underway.

Meanwhile, there is a significant gap of healthcare workers throughout the nation, particularly for individuals to work in the traditional physician scope of practice as well in rural settings. Additionally, evaluation of burnout of the nursing force within Latvia has identified that nurses feel a significant gap in feeling empowered and accomplishment (Circenis et al., 2017). In theory, if nurses were given additional opportunities for professional growth and increased autonomy, they may have reduced burn out (Twigg, D. & McCullough, 2014). As a result Latvia does have several significant potential factors to promote the advancement of the nursing role.

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