About IAPN


Welcome to International Advanced Practice Nursing (IAPN).  IAPN is an all volunteer-run, website, created in 2013 and was the first of its kind created for convenient and reliable reference to advanced practice nursing in the world today.  The site includes country profiles for more than 30 countries, identifying their current status of advanced nursing practice.

Unlike some other medical professions, the role of APNs greatly varies according to every nations’ health care needs, sociodemographics, and education and is continually expanding.  As this site is a continued work in progress because the role is ever-changing, it is the author’s hope that readers may provide the essential insight to help describe their role and the current political pursuits in changing that role in their current country.


IAPN exists to provide readily available insight as to the state of Advanced Practice Nursing throughout the world.


IAPN is a front line resource to share the enthusiasm of Advanced Practice Nursing advancement throughout the world, with the hope that those who may not readily have the resources about advancing a nursing practice role, may be able to catch a glimpse of how the role has been evolving in other nations, and pursue dream on their own.


While this resource is free, and at the convenience of the internet, it takes both time and knowledge to create this site, only made possible with the countless hours of the many nurses, authors, and articles already available in the world today.  To you as a nurse I say, “Thank you.”