Advanced Practice Nursing in the Czech Republic


APN Role Exists in Country Today:

Advanced Practice Nurse

Nationally Certified:
Yes for nurse specialists;
Uncertain for Nurse with Clinical Discipline

Recognize Foreign Licensure:
Equivalences are recognized for individuals trained in the EU

Treatment Authority:

Prescribing Authority:

Autonomy of Practice:

Health Ministry of the Czech Republic


While there are no current roles for APNs in the Czech Republic, there are two roles of specializations for registered nurses.  The are (Delamaire & Lafortune, 2010):

  • Registered nurse with specialization (Nurse specialist) – 1.) advanced nurse consultation and diagnosis, 2.) ordering and interpreting of diagnostic tests (including laboratory test prescription), 3.) management of a range of chronic diseases (follow-up, monitoring, health education, and lifestyle advice for non-acute cases).
  • Nurse with clinical discipline – 1.) advanced nurse consultation and diagnosis, 2.) ordering and interpretation of diagnostic tests (including laboratory test prescription)

Both specialty categories give the nurse the ability to diagnose, consult, and order tests.  However, there is no position of autonomy or prescribing authority given to these roles.

Education and Certification

The position of Registered Nurse with Specialization requires an individual an additional 2 to 3 years of experience/education followed by an examination to assess knowledge.  Certification is offered upon passing the exam (Delamaire & Lafortune, 2010).

The position of Nurse with Clinicial Discipline required a masters level education.



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Delamaire, M. & Lafortune, G. (2010).  Nurses in Advanced Roles: A description and Evaluation of Experiences in 12 Developed Countries, OECD Health Working Papers, 54. doi:10.1787/5kmbrcfms5g7-en


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