Advanced Practice Nursing in Sweden


APN Role Exists in Country Today:

Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist

Nationally Certified:
No (Nurse Specialist title is restricted to individuals graduating from specific programs in Sweden)

Recognize Foreign Licensure:
Uncertain (likely no at this time)

Treatment Authority:

Prescribing Authority:

Practice Autonomously:



The Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist role was initiated through programs first offered in 2005 (Lindblad, Hallman, Gillsjo, Lindblad, & Fagerstom, 2010).  While the role of Nurse Specialists has existed and the title is protected, the advanced practice nursing (APN) role has been in development.  The role of APNs in Sweden has been under evaluation and experimentation in general practice (primary health care) and has been based on an institutional-specific model allowing varying levels of scope of practice (Lindblad et al, 2010).  Because of the lack of APN role identification, the role is currently under development to be of the greatest benefit to the Swedish health care system (Lindblad et al., 2010).  Further, it appears the Swedish health care system has a strong need for more Nurse Specialists (Vårdförbundet, 2013).  As a result, if there are not enough individuals in the country to provide the supply of Nurse Specialists, there may additionally not be enough supply of individuals who desire additional training to increase their scope of practice.  In Sweden however, nurses have been given the nurse prescribing authority since 1994, initiating nursing prescriptive authority in Europe (HAI Europe, 2012).

Education and Certification

Nurse Specialists are trained at the masters level (Vårdförbundet, 2013).  The current programs in Sweden have been educating individuals for the Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist role since 2005 (Lindblad et al., 2010).


At this time APNs have been primarily working in general practice (primary health care).

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