Advanced Practice Nursing in Pakistan

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Aga Khan University, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Pakistan
Pakistan Nursing Council


The role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in Pakistan is in development. The role has not been formally developed, however based on the interest to increase health care access to individuals in rural areas.  In November 2020, the Aga Khan University in Pakistan hosted a conference to promote the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse in Pakistan, and during that conference Rasul (2020, November) reported expanded roles for registered nurses to include specializations of neonatology, critical care, and pediatrics with mental health and pediatrics in the future.  Further, Rasul (2020, November) reported the offering of the expanded specializations would be “to prepare graduates to work as APNs once an official scope of practice has been created.”

Most recently, the Aga Khan University (2022, May 19) has announced their first pilot APN program endorsed by the Pakistan Nursing Council that officially will introduce the APN role to the country.  While the legal infrastructure isn’t in place as of yet, this is another major step toward developing the role.

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