Advanced Practice Nursing in Colombia


APN Role Exists in Country Today:
No Role is Officially Identified

Treatment Authority:
Some registered nurses do have treatment authority

Prescribing Authority:

Asociación Nacional de Enfermeras de Colombia
Asociación Colombiana de Facultades de Enfermería


Colombia does not currently have an APN role recognized.  While some nurses may function in an advanced practice capacity by diagnosing, treating, and monitoring with minimal supervision of medical doctors, this role does not appear to be expanding due to no medical provider shortage, and possible surplus in the nation (CartagenaSurgery, Personal communication, 2013 August 14).

However, there is still a recognition in the current Colombian health system to push for more preventive care rather than diagnosing and treating and as mentioned by Atehortúa Rada et al. (2014), there is need and interest in advancing the nursing role to champion preventive medicine.

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Atehortúa Rada, G.M., Soto Chaquir, M., López Villegas, M.E. & Buitrago Malaver, L.A. (2014). La práctica avanzada en enfermería: una oportunidad para la promoción de la salud y la prevención de la enfermedad en Colombia.  Revista Cultura del Cuidado 11(1). Retrieved from:

[Updated 2017, April 7]


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