Do Nurse Practitioners provide equal care as Medical Doctors?

This topic has always been a strong place for debate.  Unfortunately it can be very difficult to discern through inconsistency, personal opinion, and bias.  Here are several resources that demonstrate the evidence on answering this question:

DeCapua, M. (2016, June 23). Let’s settle this once and for all: Do nurse practitioners provide patient care equal to that of physicians?  Retrieved from:

Horrocks, S., Anderson, E., & Salisbury C. (2002).  Systematic review of whether nurse practitioners working in primary care can provide equivalent care to doctors.  British Medical Journal, 324,819-823.

Newhouse, R.P., Stanik-Hutt, J., White, K.M., Johantgen, M., Bass, E.B., …Weiner, J.P. (2011).  Advanced practice nurse outcomes 1990-2008: A systematic review.  Nursing Economic$, 29(5),1-22.

Wiysonge, C.S. & Chopra, M. (2008).  Do nurse practitioners working in primary care provide equivalent care to doctors? Summary of a systematic review.  Support.  Retrieved from:


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