2 thoughts on “South America

  1. I am looking in to moving to Belize or Costa Rica. I am Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I am looking in possibly opening a clinic there. Who do I need to contact about this?

    • Hi Beverly! That sounds like a fantastic opportunity. There are two ways to start working in these countries: 1.) Contact the ministry of health directly to figure out the process, or 2.) Work with an existing NGO that may have a similar purpose to what you have in mind. The latter would likely be much more efficient. While I don’t have any direct contacts in those countries, you can first try to look for NGO’s who might share your vision online, contact them, and begin networking with them. If you meet a roadblock contacting them remotely, many people actually travel to the country in order to meet face-to-face to develop those relationships. In time, you will need to learn and maneuver the country’s political system, but that will not be the initial part. If you still come up dry with potential leads on how to start the process, you can always contact that country’s embassy or Peace Corps program (Costa Rica), since they work collaboratively with many NGO’s.

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